• The Fungal Internet

    No dig gardening is aimed at allowing the soil to function in a similar manner to that found in nature, perhaps in a forest floor or grassland. Under the soil as old plant matter dies fungal pathways are formed transporting the nutrients across underground pathways and at the same time creating a symbiotic relationship with existing plants and trees whose roots can tap into this supply of goodness.

    Recent research is uncovering how this may prove beneficail to farmers - who - are slowly realising that impoverished soil is subject to poor water retention and susceptible to wind erosion. Fertilisersa re costly and most is loss into water courses causing environmental harm away from the farm. The possibility that - rather than ploughing leaving the soil to manage itself may actually result in the ability of crops to effectively recover nitrogen and essential minerals from the fungal network. Potentially this knowedge may realise reduced spraying, reduced costs, improved yields and a soil rich in life both above and below ground.


  • WhatShed - list of allotments across the UK and other insights

    Ever wondered how many allotments there are and what differing styles exist, then you may find this survey very interesting.


  • Beast from the East

    So last week was the coldest for many years and we all have our stories of the biting cold and I certainly put food out for the birds having a robin jumping on my shoe pecking away at the eyelets. But now the weather has warmed up again and under the snow spring daffodils and crocuses are blooming and the sun - when out - has warmth. North Field has a supply of the black-stuff so a good time to return expectantly ready for 2018 and a spring that will soon be with us.

  • International Space Station visible from London Friday afternoon Dec 8, 4:35 - 4:39 PM

    This Friday 8th at 4:35 PM the ISS will appear above the horizon in the South West and will pass high up above our heads.

    Looking out above the trees toward the valley from either North or South Field should afford a great view if the sky is clear. The Space Staion will appear as a tremendously bright star - surpassing anything else in the sky and move steadily to the East where it will fade away as it enters the dark shadow of the Earth.

  • Autumn in Hertfordshire

  • Wild Foraging

    I saw this on BBC's Sunday evening Countryfile - a pub that servers up food or drinks based on foraging for plants and fauna in the wild - but not quite the wilderness - Hertfordshire on our very doorstep to be precise


    The Foragers @ The Verulam Arms

    41 Lower Dagnall St, St Albans,

    Hertfordshire, AL3 4QE

    Telephone: 01727 836004

  • Is this one future that will allow growing vegetables at home or in the office -


  • An interesting website on sustainability - including composting and greening the deserts


  • How hard is it to swap out of using plastic?

    Plastic is getting everywhere -

    Horticulture knows the value of natural products that grow and decay as part of the natural cycle of the seasons.

    Plastic never breaks down - it just become smaller and smaller

    Lets support effots to use less plastic

    More information here :


  • Raised Beds and Barnet Allotment Federation website new look

    West Hendon Allotment Society has some Raised Beds available.


    New Look website for Barnet Allotment Federation:




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