• Green Wheelie Bins

    Please help by assisting in putting out these bins on a Sunday.

    Despite this notice appearing before, we still have people filling the green bins with mud and stones – please STOP DOING THIS. Mud can be spread along the plot edges and used to level hollows or if on North Field disposed of on the lower area near the railway fence. Bins must not be filled so as to make them so heavy, that they are difficult to move.

    Large Stones can be collected at any time on plots and used for a variety of jobs – soakaways, drainage channels, infilling etc.

    Only Biannual and tap rooted weeds, light woody growth, blighted crops and diseased growth will be placed in green wheelie bins from now on.

    Cut Grass, grass sods, and general green crop waste is no longer acceptable. Please compost on your plot, do not throw away. You are reminded that all plots should have at least one compost heap (two if possible) – simple to make from four/eight wooden pallets). One in use and the other rotting down.

    Help us - Mud, stones, thick wooden branches must not be placed in these bins.

    General Rubbish

    Plastic, cans, bottles BBQ waste, containers, cartons etc all general rubbish should be removed off site and must be taken home. There is no commercial or domestic rubbish collection from Brook Farm Allotments.


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