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Welcome to the Brook Farm Allotment website


 - Covid-19 continues to impact the Allotments - Please follow Government Guidelines at all times


*Wash or sanitise your hands thoroughly before visiting the allotment and when you get home.

*Maintain social distancing (minimum 2 metres).

*Do not work on your plot in groups of more than two.  

*If you share a plot with someone from a different household then you must keep to the safe distance, and ideally work out a timetable so that you visit the plot separately.

*If you meet another member you must keep the safe distance.  

*The allotment Trading Hut will be opened for limited periods but may be closed without warning.  You must not go inside.   Orders must be called out and will be placed in a safe position for you to pick up.


Wash hands before visiting, sanitise after arrival and maintain Safe distance



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