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The first Self Governing Allotment Association in Barnet


Brook Farm is a unique allotment with two locations located off the Great North Road and with two separate unique identities. Both sites are favoured by having a south westerley slope that catches the warm afternoon sun and affords impressive views and wonderful sunsets.  


*South Field is home to the Trading Hut close to M&S and the newly opened Halfords.


*North Field is half a mile towards Barnet and is quieter and nestles within the Dollis Valley.  


*Stanhope Road - a small site backed on by houses at the far end of May's Lane in Barnet


Most of all our sites have a vibrant community of determined plot holders who garden in many different styles and you can be sure that even a short stroll along any given path will surprise and delight with the variety of produce grown.

Brook Farm NorthN20 9PN


Brook Farm SouthN20 9BS


StanHope Road Mays Lane

Our Three Sites
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